What It's Like To Be Me




You might ask what it's like to be me

To hear what I hear, and see what I see.
And you want to know what it's like to be black,
But to answer that you would have to go back. 
Let's go back to Africa, and to earlier day
To see what the bible times had to say. 
The King's hair was like cotton and fire in his eyes
And I can proudly say that's just like mines. 
A motherland rich and full of life to the brim.
Soil with iron, minerals, platinum and gems. 
I come from a nation of riches, and wealth,
and that's why I like to wear diamonds for myself. 
But if we are going back we have to look
At the events in the history book.
Slavery, Racism, Jim Crow and more, 
Makes me sometimes fear what lies in store
Despite those we have our amendments and rights, 
Emancipations and Civil movements came into the light. 
My ancestors in America hurt for a while, but not for long,
So that I too can stand up against what is wrong. 
Looking back has helped me understand 
What it's like to come from a widely diverse land. 
All of my past has helped me see
What it's like to be black and beautiful me. 


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