What it Stands For

Do you know what love stands for?

Technically, it’s a chemical reaction between two people

Where they believe their feelings surpass all else

And blah blah blah

That is too scientific for this poem


Love stands for errors

Errors made because of love

Love stands for money

Because like the Federal Reserve

Love is printed so much its value decreases

Explains why our stocks crashed the market

And why we’re in such a depression

I filed bankruptcy for you

So I can get you to pump more love into me

Love begins with an “L”

As many people take

From now and then

The “L” that appears everywhere

Love loses likeliness when lovers lose their lovingness

Maybe love stands for zero

As many people do not receive the love they desire

Love may as well be a fingerprint

As no two loves are the same

Love can very well just be a game

Some play to win, others play for keeps

There are some experts

And there are some rookies

Love is a song

You love it so much you have to sing along

You show it to your friends

You play it for your family

You dedicate it to your other half

If I am missing my other half

Am I half a human? Half a heart?

Half a heart cannot support a whole body

Is that why we share each other’s for a night?

Is that why it feels empty?

I wear my heart on a long-sleeve

And leave it out there for the world to see

Because love, to me, is…

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Andy Lemus

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