What It Means To Me

I’ve always been an outsider looking in
Through television screens, the internet, everything,
Guyana is and always will be my home
But America is where I need to be
Here is where my goals will be fulfilled, you see.

I see the picture perfect side of America.
Clean streets, welcoming neighbors, huge houses, grand opportunities,
Most people dream for years to experience it
They dream, oh, they dream, The American Dream
Though The American Dream may not be all that it seems.

I see the tainted side of America.
Gang-ridden streets, racist neighbors, low-income homes, out-of-reach opportunities,
How unfortunate for the sufferers of these atrocities
Many outsiders don’t have a clue
Oh, no, no, not a clue.

But I have a dream, as I’ve always had
And I know I’ll achieve it, as I’ve always known.
I’m aware of the direction I have to travel
It’s The American Dream, my friends
This Dream never ever ends.

Like every other place on Earth, it has its ups and downs
But there’s no denying there’s something special about it
That draws outsiders inward, It draws them.
A dream-crushing, dream-making rollercoaster society,
And that’s what America means to me.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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