What it means to be a Woman

But what does it mean to be a Woman?

Is it someone who reflects a delicate, fragile being?

Nothing more than a teacup embroidered with gold that can easily be shattered,

Or are we deer in a forest, being prayed after by bobcats

Who are just waiting to pounce and take what they can and leave?




We are Women, and to compare us to anything less than human

wouldn't do enough justice to the power and strength we withold

in such "delicate" viens that pump the very blood that runs humanity.

We are beautiful beings who will build you up only to tear you back down

Because centuries of oppression and dehumanization taught us that your words won't phase us

And we will rise above the filthy ground to prove what we've been trying to

Since the dawn of our time. We are so much more than petals on a flower

Or pages in a book. We are the match that ignites the fire and the flame

that burns brighter and brighter. 


That is what it means to be a Woman.




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