The What-Ifs That Sink Ships

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 17:46 -- tekight



She was the ocean, and the waves and the boat.

Her eyes were fixated on the words that he wrote.

He took the salt from her sails and the wind from her lungs,

The fears now a sore thumb.

Her wings had no feathers and his tongue was on fire.

It burned where before it had sung like a choir.

Broken and tired and fears overwhelming,

The faults on her shoreline, oh how they were swelling.

Deeper and deeper they went,

Until the strength of her current was spent.

An island with people to come and go.

She no longer sees the reason to row.

Her heart now stolen,

And innocence handed,

A young boy washes up,

He hopes that he’s stranded.

Her rain makes his eyes respond with his own.

Her voice is shaking for fear of the unknown.

He doesn’t know if he can compete with the summers of her past,

But he’s trying so hard, and the waves are so fast,

And his heart is like glass,

And his head holds a mass.

With erosion to repair, and a heart to be filled,

His eyes no longer stare.

His hands begin to build.



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