What if this feeling never goes away?

Every day as I look at my sorrow face in the mirror

I ask...Who am I? As my eyes begin to linger

Looking at my flaws, questioning everything about me

Disgusted, crying, just feeling so grimy

Mother whispers in my ear “Every teenager feels the way you feel”

It’s just a teenage faze she explains

Is it really? Anxiety exploding out of me

What if this feeling never goes away?

My insecurities, my negativities filling up my mind

What if this feeling never goes away?

Some days are good, other days are worst

Trying to find solutions, trying to see what works

My dad thinks I fall into peer pressure

“You’re a follower” my father screams in disappointment

I fall into these bad habits

The high feels better than thoughts running through my head

I try to be a better person, I want to be better

But this is a never ending feeling

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