What If Elsa Let it Go

Once upon a time

That's a bit cliche

Let's skip the old time normality

And come wonder in today

Elsa was never the best sister truly

She pushed away Anna in the first five minutes of the movie

She had magical ice powers

That were a bit consuming

Her parents told her to feel and conceal

But soon enough her "Ice Pride" came blooming

And although she was a princess that soon became a queen

It seems a little weird that she wasn't a villan in this movie

How are you not a villan but somehow manage to freeze your sister's heart

Chase her away with a giant, man eating, snowman

(While still looking gorgeous.)

And still not play the villan part?

How can you be so cold hearted

With every bit of love Anna gave?

Seems like a criminal mindset to me

But honestly who's to blame?

Elsa was a strange being,

Like Rapunzel the same,

They were concealed greatness

In a world of normality.

I guess blondes with magic

Really ran in the family.

So if I were to change the story

Only from the beginning,

I would tell Elsa to let it go

And show the world her true beauty.

Although you will be judged

and looked down upon by many,

You coming out of your closet,

Will feel all the love and welcoming of plenty.

So once upon a time

It seemed a bit cliche,

But our normality is no different.

We should all save time and let it go today.


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