What If Beauty Didn't Exist



Beauty- the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit

Thats the definition they gave YOU of beauty

But what really defines how desirable you could be?

The media creates a box, that only a select few fit in

So you ask me, how can I get in?

Can I slip through the cracks of reality, and sacrifice my individuality, to

penetrate the inside of a box that's too small for a small child’s birthday present...

And then you still don't fit

And in the morning without mascara,

You say you look so much worse than the night before

But what if your perception of REAL BEAUTY came straight from the depths of your inner core

From your heart and your soul, not the twirls and curls of your hair

From how you saw yourself, and not how others saw you

What if, beauty didn’t exist

What if your facial construct didn’t decide whether or not a man approached you

But your smile and sense of style gave off a signal that you were eager for conversation

What if makeup didn’t MAKE UP how you thought you were suppose to look

But your character and kindness showed in every breath that you took

What if you weren’t defined by the curves that outlined your petite frame

But instead of the affection I felt when somebody spoke of your name

What if personality was pretty, and bravery was beautiful, and charisma was classy,  

Would I still have lust in my eyes for you?

And you say to me, “We only would know if beauty didn’t exist


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