What if...


"Cheaters never prosper"

that's the saying isn't it?...

What if cheaters do prosper? 

Would that break the rules?

What if it snowed in the summer time? 

Would people still be excited about Christmas in July? 

Why couldn't it happen? 

Would that be another law broken? 

What if the sky could cry and we could actually hear it sniffle? 

Would someone offer it a tissue? 

Would we ask if it was okay or why it was crying?

What if I didn't win this essay and didn't go to college? 

Would my parents still love me? 

What if everyone was a disappointment to their loved ones? 

Would anyone have loved ones? 

What if everything was free? 

Would we still value what we have now or would it go to waste because we didn't have to pay?

Would things still be valuable at that point? 

What if people actually cared? 

What if someone cared about how my day was or how I was feeling? 

Would people be happier if others cared?

What if your heart stopped beating after you read this poem? 

Would you regret reading it?

Would you wish you hadn't of read it? 

Would you take that risk to read it anyways? 

What if this poem doesn't mean anything and I just wrote this to write it? 

Would it still have the same impact on you?

What if I told you this poem holds the deeper meaning to life?

Would you read it over and over again until you discovered the message? 

What if I ran out of 'what if' questions to ask? 

What if. What if. What if.


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