What If

What if planes could hydroplane on the clouds
The sky’s deep blue hue like the ocean 
Sailing in a sea of stars 
What if the moon knew no bounds 
If earths gravity didn’t hold it hostage
If hostage takers didn’t steal the breath of life from human souls 
If souls could swim 
Would they travel vast oceans of stars to new planets and places of life so new and unreal the mind can’t imagine them?
Or would they be held by the earth, a hostage taker, weak gravity defied by magnets and stronger forces than that 
Why does gravity choose to keep us here 
Push and pull and tug and grasp us everyday 
Causing us to experience turbulence barely dreamed of 
In the sky do pilots use the city lights like stars to get them to the destination 
Tiny communities and towns mistaken for the seven sisters or some dreamy star cluster 
Can they identify whole places by only their night skylines 
Isn’t it amazing how cities scar the earth 
Like the tracks left behind on a heroin addicts forearm 
Each road and highway a new scar 
A new occurrence of pain released from a soul 
Do we produce our own skyline 
Within ourselves the office buildings full of information apartments and condos filled with faces passed
Skyscrapers brimming with new ideas and creation
Do we shine bright enough 
Are our voices so distinguishable 
Our smile distinct 
I believe we do
All of us have our own skyline 
Accompanied by a pilot that can identify ours amongst all the billions of skylines in existence 
It’s really wonderful isn’t it how the North Star always shines the brightest always guides the way home to freedom to places long gone, it has witnessed it all, our growth and evolution, does it grow tired? Angry? Scared? Happy? Sad? Anything?
Does it grow and learn with us like a young child ? 
Does it learn from it’s mistakes and watch us as we repeat things over and over hoping that we learn so it can feast upon our ever growing knowledge, will it parent other stars? Will it teach them the ways in which it has learned or will it rebel like a teenager with too much angst towards it’s only family and share with it’s child a new path from which other worlds are created
Will these other places, other people, other species, prosper? Or burn out like a college kid trying to work two jobs just to keep out of debt?
Will we ever even know? 
What do we not know? 
For that matter 
What do we know? 
Have we fully examined everything to it’s fullest extent? 
Or is there more? 
Will we ever make it to the more? 
To the strange and different and new
And if we do make it to this place or this state of mind or whatever it may be 



On a plane back from seeing my boyfriend in New York

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