What if...

**I wrote this poem a few years ago. It was one of those night's where I couldn't fall sleep. This relates to the prompt because sometimes the unknown can be awesome. If everyone knew everything, then what would be the point? (I also took the picture displayed.)


What if things don't happen for a reason?

What if friendships don't last forever?

What if forever doesn't even exist?

What if people are naturally evil, and not good as I’ve thought them to be?

What if there’s not always a reason to smile?

What if true love isn’t real?

What if dreams don’t come true?

What if shooting stars really are just asteroids and four leaf clovers aren’t lucky?

What if God isn’t real?

What if everyone doesn’t have a guardian angel watching over them?

What if everyone isn’t born for a reason?

What if good times aren’t coming?

What if the good don’t die young?

What if music doesn’t cleanse the soul?

What if it’s impossible to follow your heart because it’s just another muscle in your body?

What if the world is an evil place?

What if I’m stuck in a daydream and reality is about to hit me square in the face?

What if my future doesn’t turn out the way I dreamt it would?

What if everything I’ve ever believed in isn’t true?

            But what if... it is?

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