This is what I'd change


Change one thing,

One thing only.

What would it bring?

Look closely.


If one thing to change,

Make new forever,

let's now arrange,

Nothing possible, whatsoever.


To cleanse the mind,

Not easily done.

Takes more than time,

And needs more than one.


Change all people,

Change their ways,

Would mean to pluck the sepal,

From the elegant displays.


Displaying love,

Meaning hate.

Hiding above,

A pompous state.



A given freedom, most fair.


A new foundation, without care.


Our choice;

What I wish most to change,

A screaming loud voice,

Heard in every exchange.


To make equal all beings.

Color, gender, or race.

Treating carefully, feelings,

Of all with a face.


Change isn't easy,

Nothing worthwhile is.

But better living freely,

Than ever having to forgive.


The ballad now done,

Theme perhaps strange,

While I might only be one,

This is what I'd change.


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