What I Would Give

What I would give for you to hold me in your arms.

What I would give to be with you another day.

You know, it's tough now, living here without you.

But I'm okay. Yeah, I'm okay. 


Last night I went and visited your home now. 

I left some flowers. Ironic, isn't it, babe? 

You gave me roses the day before it happened. 

Now I planted roses on your grave. 


You left a mark to never be erased. 

The tears fall hard. I don't know what to do. 

They say move past it, look forward to tomorrow. 

They don't know us. They don't know you. 


The sun's so bright. How can the world be happy?

People laugh and all is well.

The earth is joyful. The people, smiling. 

The sun shines bright. I'm dark as Hell. 


What I would give, but I know that now I can't. 

The pillow's sopping as I cry myself to sleep. 

You are gone. Your voice, your lips, your smile, 

But memories are forever mine to keep. 

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