What I Would Change In The World

I would change the ability to fix what was lost,

And protect the souls of the hoepless and not leave them in frost,

There are people in America that are dying in need,

To provide for themselves and their families even if the hope is a small little seed,

This country is truthfully dying inside out,

From economics to society, the inner child of this nation begins to pout,

I would change the hate to love,

Because I observe the hate in the United States and it needs love from above,

Bullying and violence stands in the schools that we go through,

And we don't even know wht will happen to us or who will die: maybe two,

Wars and riots everywhere that a human stands,

Instead of people coming together and holding hands,

Love is one thing that can solve it all,

And love can save the world from an ernomous fall,

I thought that this nation was about "happiness and freedom",

If it is, America has too much freedom to see some of humanity dead and done.





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