What I Witness, Why I Write

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 21:04 -- bellm5


United States
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When I was younger
I witnessed Mamma crying
in the midst of night

Daddy would gaze
out windows
and nothing seemed right

Big sister told me
to go back to sleep
knowing tomorrow I'd refuse to eat

A few weeks later
Mamma cut her hand intentionally
in the sink

I asked her
was she okay
she answered "I just need a drink"

Year 2000
Grandmamma was silent
and could not speak

Unresponsive in a black box
and it was a horrendous
sight to see

Year 2008 Cousin Mikey's
voice diluted
no rap or sing

My eyes filled
with salt water
falling to my teeth

13 years old
and I didn't want anything
just simply paper and ink

Why I write now
is not because of death
I don't think

Why I write
is something life taught me
which is to fulfill a dream


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