What I stress about.


What I stress about is so deep that nothing on earth can compare to its depth.

What I stress about can't even make logical sense.

What I stress about makes me cry on the inside and out.

What stresses me out is that I get so angry there aren't words to explain how I feel.

It makes me wonder.

Do they stress, how I stress?

Do they worry, how I worry?

Yes? No?

How am I to know? It's never shown. All you see is us on TV. Crying. Yelling. Praying. Marching. Protesting.

But what we that do? Will it even make a dent on something.

My BestFriend said, "this world is so cruel and evil."  And yes I would agree. But what are we to do about it?...(forgive me Lord) but call on God?!

He's sees our struggle! And I want to believe that the ultimate prize in for us at the end of the road. But how long is the road? How much can we take! Can we really handle ALL of this?

There has been back to back situations like this. And they've all ended the same. With nothing .

Then I think to us as a whole.

Tearing each other down. Fighting, shooting. In the "hood". It makes no sense that we act the way we do towards each other. But don't get me wrong not all of us act like this.

Then I think of my future. My son. Or my daughter.

Is this going to happen to them when they want to have good clean fun!?

Is this going to happen when they want some Skittles from the store or an Arizona Tea. Am I going to have to walk with him or her just to get some late night snacks??

Am I going to have to walk them everywhere they go?

Is that how I'm supposed to raise my kid(s) by holding their hand every single moment of their life?

Who am I supposed to call for protection? The cops? The same people who look at us differently. Who treat us differently! Because of the color of our skin. Who's  to say all "them" cops don't act the same.

I mean they strongly believe we all act the same. They think we all behave the same. Why can't I strongly believe they all act the same.

We. Us. Our. We are all the same despite the skin color: Light-Skinned. Dark-Skinned. Brown-Skinned. Chocolate. Red Bone. Caramel. At the end of the day we are all Black.


And We will remain exactly that

in their eyes.

Light-Skinned : House slave.

Dark-Skinned : Field slave.

It doesn't matter because we are ALL slaves.

But do they think?

Do they really think they can treat us like any 'ole kinda way because we treat ourselves any kind of way?

Do they think since one acts a certain way we all act a certain way?

Or is it that in their mind, we must be handled a certain way.

Or maybe it's history being passed down.

But what are the tears for?

Are they for the hurt and pain of  those who fought couldn't shed?

Or is because we know deep down that there is nothing we can do about it.

Some might say, "There is still hope!"

Some might say, "This world is getting out of hand!"

I just want to know what others think about it?

Do they care?

Does it bother them?

Would they like to help?

Or are they just clueless to the madness this world really brings?

I believe some of them will never this side of that world.

And I believe some people don't want to believe and even see that side of the world. But then again that's the difference between us and them.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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