What I See

His big brown eyes are what pull me in,

He thinks they’re dumb,
But I think they’re beautiful.
I look into his eyes and I find a story,


I met him last year,

One starry night outside.

My best friend was insecure about his boyfriend,

I told him not to worry.


I told his boyfriend that he loved him very much,

If I’m honest, I didn’t know what that term meant.

But as time went by I knew.

I was in for it.


My best friend broke up with his boyfriend,

Dated me for several weeks,

I then ended up like his ex-boyfriend.

Broken hearted and up with.

We started talking,

I started falling,

However, it wasn’t that easy.

He liked someone that wasn’t me.


My best friend and I were no longer best friends,

But his ex and I were.

About a year later,

Look at us.


We turned something ugly by the same person into something beautiful,

Mending broken parts together.

Was that a crime,

My heart doesn’t think so.


Cries turn into laughter,

Laughter turns into love,

But the tricky part about it is,

He lives in PA, I live in KY.


What I see are those big brown eyes.

Filled with love,

Filled with joy,

Filled to the brim with a story.

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