What I See.


Five Nine she stands tall,

Praying that she will overcome the obstacles in her way

Trying to keep a smile on on her face each and every day.

Reminding herself that she is Fearfully and wonderfully made,

Kids always bringing up how bad they can be,

But don’t understand that being a Young women that is gracious and powerful

is who she wants to be.

Being thin and beautiful isn’t all that its cracked up to be.

But knowing who she is overshadows what other people see,

She knows that she is beautiful and holds her head up high

Helping those who just only see their flaws

She speaks softly saying ‘’that isn’t all’’

She proceeds to tell them that beyond everyone’s flaws there is something great

Look deep into yourself and past others hate

Flawless isn’t actually about beauty at all,

Its about loving yourself flaws and all.

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