What I Noticed

They say this generation needs to be fixed

How can something need fixing if it was never broken

Why does something need fixing if it’s not the ordinary to your eyes

My eyes and your eyes see two different things

You see a business man without a license so you don’t buy it

I see a man trying to feed his family so continue to help him


Today if it’s not the norm it’s strange

Everyone wants you to be the same

They want you to walk like this

And talk like that

But I want to walk with a limp

While I hold my ghat


People talk to try to infect your mind

Like an addict with a needle to his veins

Once again we see two different things

You see someone with a needle in their hands and you walk away

I see someone crying for help to fight their addiction so I begin to pray


The way we see and think need to be changed

You’re the same person who says bloods thicker than water

But won’t help family try to get further

I don’t get it

Why help a stranger before family?

You’ll watch someone else succeed that won’t help you

But won’t help the person that fed you

I don’t get it I never will


More and more people live in a false reality

They hate hearing the truth

They only want the truth when its beneficial

Surrounding yourself around a bunch of yes man

You need someone that will say no don’t do this

Cause they’re in your best interest

Not everyone that says no doubts you


A man with a GED gets laughed at

For doing something most people wouldn’t do

But once again our eyes see two different things

You see a man and wondered where he went wrong

Instantly you think this man failed

I see someone who went through obstacles and did anything to prevail


This is what I noticed through my eyes

Not yours but mine

I use this platform as a gateway to express myself


It’s one of the only ways I can

So you can imagine it means everything to me

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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