What I Learned in University

Combing through apartments on Craigslist

as if

the search bar can help me figure out my priorities

Fear. I'm terrified.

Confident that I CAN succeed but... 

will I want to?

What did I create of myself?

Constantly striving to be a consistent solid version 

of who I actually am

but what does that even mean?

Why is the world so unchanging?

I am trillions of tiny spheres

all jiggling around inside of me 

and the world is hard and fast.

It cannot be broken but I..

I feel that I can be exploded.

Who let my resolve abandon me at such an hour? 

I know I can. It has been more difficult before.

There will be good people nearby

It will work out

I won't be a dissappointment

Good job, kid. 

You can do it. Try again. 


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