What I Learned About Love (Part 1)

Sun, 06/08/2014 - 02:45 -- MaeBee


An awkward step towards today--
The past had settled on my skin;
It only hurt to try to shed it away.
And the longer there I stayed, the deeper the ivy grew
Around my helpless, submissive frame.
A weed that choked me deep, deep blue.
The shame of being naked again 
Before unhumbled, perfect stars
Has kept me here in my dying haven, afraid.
...And though I am no marvel to the world,
To you I am really something:
Something with a name, a beautiful, bright face,
Something simple and unashamed.
Unashamed at your light;
One too many have scorned it,
But I know it can again be bright.
Though I am no wonder to the faces they see,
A peculiar being you wouldn't ignore
A passage to a field so green and open
And sweet and warm
That holds you silent in your awe of me....
That's what we learned about love at second glance.
I will always proudly say I knew
It was worth taking that chance.


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