What I Know

I wake up in a stone prison

My life is work and no play

Constantly digging to find that special jewel

I arm myself in iron so I can protect the kingdom I once owned

Soft Music plays softly through my mind as my heart races across the kingdom

I descend on wooden ladders to bottom of the world

I search tirelessly to only find stone of power, gold, and iron

But none of these can compare to the one I hold so dear.

The one I seek, and the one who calls my name in the cold bitter night


My companions follow close as I hunt through the night

The undead has surrounded me 

I have little time

I fall only to wake in my prison

My companions fell as I did 

I am alone

I woke to nothing

I must start over

I begin a garden full of wheat and watermelon

I soon heard cattle and boar in the barn

I fend off evil spirits during the night

Skeletons, spiders, and the walking dead surround my base

There is nothing I can do but wait till dawn

I am alone

I soon hear something calling to me

Who but mostly what is calling

But the true question lays here

Is it a chicken or a duck


This poem is about: 
Our world


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