What I Did Next Summer

What I Did Next Summer

That's when it happened,

When the memories faded,

When the mirror was not a monster,

When the therapy stopped,

When the medications left my bloodstream,

When my nephew/niece said their first word,

When high-school ended,

When I fell more in love with him,

When I got older,

When I got accepted to college,

When I found out who I was; because I had never known,

That's when it happened,

And when it happened,

The world seemed kinder,

The voices stopped,

The mirror smiled back at me,

My arms were scarred but not bleeding, 

I lived, laughed, and loved more,

I learned I was loved,

I could get out of bed in the morning,

I had a reason to live,

I learned to let go,

I learned to forgive, including myself,



That's when it happened,

When I became happy. 


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