What I Can't Say

Dear You,

I feel I can’t describe you

You might read this, too

And my writing feels too frou-frou

But my brain always feels like goo

When there are thoughts of you


I mean it too, I’d bend over backwards

And I’m definitely not that flexible!

If that shows the truth in my words

But my prose still seems negligible


I like your character

You have qualities so few exert

I say this in my most truthful register

I mean all my sayings in this layman's language concert

But I digress, I’m not a lunatic

It’s settled to that low burn from infatuation

I feel no nervous tick

From that trend I make my cessation


I know how you’ve felt, those time in the past

Being told by some foolish young soul

Whose feelings never last

Those weak emotions they have can take their toll


But I have to tell you, I’ve waited so long

Just so I can feel confident

In this silly song

And in my own content


I hope you like me

You’ve made such a great impact

I pray that you do not flee

I want this friendship to stay uncracked


I like you, this is true

I know you some, and I wish I knew more

These thoughts have stuck like glue

You are who this letter is for


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