What I Can't Live Without

The oxygen and nitrogen

That fills the air

The faded colors of a rainbow

That’s barely there

The medical sciences

That have enhanced life so far

The laughter of children

Of a single adult yelling "RAWR"

A beating heart

That everyone seems to need

A functional body

That always properly breeds


All of these things 

Seem impossible to ignore

But out of all of the ideas

There’s only one object to adore

Love in its more universal state

Provides an environment that one cannot take

Where hatred and fear

Seem to lie

The love of the world will never die


A world without love

Would surely cease

All the people’s faces

That no smile would ever crease

From laughing so hard

They feel as if they can’t breathe

To accepting a proposal

Of a lover on their knees


A world without love

Would surely end quickly

As everyone would grow old, die

And the rest become sickly

No one to care

Simply because they don’t love

No one to cherish

Because they fear nothing from above


A world without love

Would mean death and war for many

A world without love

Would kill all life

Til’ there wasn’t any

So that’s why I can’t live

Without the love of the world

For if I did what future would I see

For our little boys and girls

For if I did

I would abandon all hope of feeling complete

For if I did

What chance is there for a loving fate I’d meet

For if I did

What future could I achieve

Knowing no child shall ever be conceived


So love is my answer

For the thing I can’t live without


This poem is about: 
Our world


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