What the Heart Wants

In the eyes of my lover, I see my first love.
Through my lover’s voice, I hear him--my father, true and proud.
His laugh, his words, his love.
You see, from him I learned what I my heart has secretly craved.
I want one just like Daddy.
With minor tweaks here, a pull there and over there, too--
But nonetheless, just like Daddy.
Hardworking and strong. Patient and Calm. Loving, but rough.
It is still hard to believe--he is just like Daddy!
I secretly wanted someone to fight with, to be subdued by words--
The way the Daddy did it.
I wanted ear to listen and a mouthpiece to motivate me,
The way Daddy could.
I dreamed to be treated like a queen every day of my life--
The only way Daddy would have it.

All this I found in the arms of another,
And I wonder it is strange for either of them to speak to a reflection--
One that mirrors character, instead of bone structure.
I wonder if Daddy knows that he showed me what love is.
Does he know he taught me how to love and what kind of man to fall in love with…


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very emotionally drive piece

meaningful in all senses

passionate poem-great job

keep writing


thank you!


This poem is emotionally charged!! It brought joy to my soul, I am grateful! This poem makes me think about what it really means to be in a relationship (@23 years old!) I want to be that phantasmagoric reflection in sight, sound, and touch! This poem rejuvinates my vision of love for my sweetheart; with curiosity and ambition propelling my quest for that perfect life for her.


What a lovely poem, it brought so much hope to my mind.

I grew up without my father but I know he still exist, reading this shows me what man I'll end up with and what my man will be able to provide to my future daughter.



i like it....i feel where your coming from.


Its beautiful.This is heartfelt poetry at its peak....great work!

Jan Wienen

Pretty neat ... Family in action ...

Ramona Perse Brown


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