What Happened Here?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
what happened here?
Did they push you to the ground
In your mind instilling fear?
Did they hurt you and abuse you
Shout obscenities in your ear?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
do you listen to their words?
Do you feel unseen there,
Contemplating death on the curb?
Do you mind that they pass you
And your sobs go unheard?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
Do you ever see a spectator?
Do you ever see a person
That could possibly be a motivator?
Do you see anything through tears
Or are your eyes just a generator?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
Isn't this unbearable?
Isn't this deplorable,
Seemingly simply unbeatable?
Is it not frustrating and tough
To find anything remotely relatable?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
Can I become your companion?
Can I be your listener
While your tears fill the Grand Canyon?
Can I fill you with compassion
So you don't feel the abandon?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
What happened here?
They taunt you so badly
That my kindness you can't hear?
I'm not another to hurt you,
Can't you tell I'm sincere?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
You're beautiful, don't you know?
Can I help you, can I sooth you
Before you decide to go?
Show you happiness and joy
At least once so you grow?

Lonely soul,  lonely soul
Can you not leave now?
Can you live your life to the fullest
And let me show you how?
Will you accept my challenge
And live as your vow?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
Do you wish to say no?
Is it this bad you need to cry
And throw your life out the window?
Do you want to end it all,
In their memory be just a shadow?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
Will you grasp all I've said?
Will you take heed to my pleas
Or give up instead?
Will you leave us all
While we're asleep in bed?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
This was your choice?
After I've struggled to help-
To make them hear your voice?
A vague memory of you now,
Did you think I'd rejoice?

Lonely soul, lonely soul
What's happened there?
They pushed you too far
All you wanted was to be treated fair.
They taunted you too much
All you needed was someone to care.

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