What goes through my head


Sitting at my desk trying to get some howework done.

All I can do is to look out the window, 

I wish I was outside in the sun.

I have to think of something,

yet nothing comes to mind.

Before I can know it I'm day dreaming again.

I can't help but doodle on my lined sheet of paper.

I'm drawing bow ties, funny faces, and random doodles.

Why focus on math homework when I can draw?!?

I get out my sketchpad and have some fun,

I start by drawing some eyes starring off somewhere,

after a minute or two I'm adding hair.

Then a body and realize the guy looks kinda lonley.

I draw a preety girl next to him.

She looks up at him eyes full of love,

and he looks back at her not able to see anything else.

They start falling in love right on the page.

I'm almost done when I remeber to give him a bow tie.

I nod my head and think "Bow ties are cool"

When I finally focus back to reality,

I look at my math homwork.

"I can do this!" I say.

After what seems like forever, I'm finally done.

All I can think about it getting back to the day dream.

I grab my sketchpad and pencil,

before I know it I'm off again in my own little world.

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This is really good, better than anything I could come up with. I'm not sure if you meant to miss write pretty. But if you did, I like it. Either way, I really like it.

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