Flawless is with out error.

Nothing wrong, nothing clearer.

I am not flawless.


Flawless is perfection,

Not a hint of detection.

I am not flawless.


Flawless is a perfect life.

A perfect love.

A perfect laugh.

A perfectly perfect perfection.

I am not flawless.


I like to eat.

My flaw is I am not thin.

I love to write.

My flaws are my grammatical mistakes.

I love to have fun.

My flaw is I am clumsy.

I love poetry.

My flaw is I beileve I am no better then the next.


Flaws are all around us. 

Flawlessness is a goal we can not achieve. 

No one is perfect. 

No one is flawless.

No poem, no poet,

we know it.


But i embrace my FLAWS.

I use them to better myself. 

I don't see them as flaws, but as characteristics.

THAT'S what makes me with out flaws. 

THAT'S what makes me FLAWLESS.


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