What is Enough?

What is Enough?

How do you know?

If you have been there, why did you come back?

Is Enough a myth?

A legend, a fairytale, a child’s story?

Is it a fable that never reaches a climax?

Is it laughter that ends in tears?

Is Enough a place where things end? Or begin?

Or is it nothing?

I want to go there.

I want to see over the skyline, to brush the horizon with my breath.

I want to feel the rain from the skies of Enough burn my eyes with delight.

I want to scavenge the woods, tear their grounds for clues.

Or for answers.

I need answers.

Why is Enough so sought after? Why do I know I need it?

Maybe Enough is not a place, but a time.

Well…then how do I get there? Do I wait?

Do I pursue it?

What if Enough is neither a time nor place, but something one is.

Simply something a person becomes.

But how do you become enough?



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