What Dreams May Come


. Heaven or HELL!
. You Paint Your Own Portrait....

minds fragmented imagination..
flashes the eyes heart of realization..
if I see what I feel..
or feel what I see..
I would have..
I would have..
tears wrapped in my eyes only to..
blinded through my mind's vision drowned with too much only to..
deep into my life's veins to flicker internal..
that keeps my heart pump..
that sparks my soul bump..
that keeps my goose bumps..
that keeps my throat full of lumps..
so loud only sound is my thoughts' as it thumps..
I teeter I tater between my Heaven & my Hell with my Soul's fear to..
What Dreams May Come?

©Half Pint 2016

Depression it is a reality it is a possibility to all of us...
the late Mr. Robin Williams we will never forget you and never forget Depressions reality..


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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