What does your name mean to you?


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When we are born
As children we are given lasting names,
And as we learn
We strive to prove ourselves by gaining fame.
How should a name make one feel?

We are all marked
By these letters of great meaning and rank,
What you should know
That there is a great deal your name should make.
Where shall you go with your name?

The days will pass
As we realize our potential in time,
To lose our names
Would be a big shame as well as a crime.
Why should our names define us?

To be honest
Names are unique no matter how alike,
Those who mock them
Should probably go off and take a hike.
When will names shine like the stars?

So if I may ask you a most heartfelt question,
What does your name mean to you?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

everybody that have a name means something
as you stated, no one have the right to mock or ridicule
you express your thoughts with purpose-keep writing


Thanks for the like. I do hate it when people make fun of others just for something that could be unique and different

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