What Does It Mean To "Understand?"


The kid only wanted to be understood

by his fellow relatives and friends.

Problem was that everyone else expected

to be understood first and forget about his thoughts.

So he did what he taught himself to do,

which was to understand others in order to be understood.


He did this for years and years of his life

in hopes of a chance where they would get it.

Get the fact that he didn't want to be like them,

where they think of ones self first.

Instead, realize that to be understood,

you must first understand.

Only then will you know the true meaning

of the word "understand"

Maybe then they will finally get it?


Although, to this day, they still don't,

and the kid still dreams of the day

where it will finally click.

Maybe when the day comes, he will be able

to show his true self to them

and spread what he knows

because he was the one who knew how to understand

to be understood.

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