What Does It Mean To Be A Poet?

Sun, 07/10/2016 - 16:27 -- MikaL99

I have learned to write when I'm hurt.

I have learned to write when I mourn.

I have learned to write creatively to express emotions.

All this writing is part of my devotion.

Devotion to become a poet.

Yes you know it; someone that can express any emotion through words.

 Words untold, words unspoken.

 But what inspired you my dear? They seem to ask

I tell them the world famous poet Maya Angelou.

Evoking such feelings and words unspoken makes my heart race.

I no longer feel broken.

Truth be told I feel bold.

Stepping out of the cage at 10 years old.

5th grade was my year,

The year poetry took over my life.

I tell you this story from a place in my heart,

Deep down from the bottom where it starts.


By: Shamika

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