What does it constitute?

Often infatuation becomes the idealization of a foundation of mere fabrication

Get it straight, indifference is the opposite of love

Truly hear it my dove

Set aside, let alone, panned, and blue

Is this what love looks like to you

Swipe right on our vision, swipe left on condemnations

Caress my fragile skin, listen to my ceaseless chatter, offer support

Care to recall the time before our first kiss, it was all so new

You didn't know my taste, you hadn't felt my breath tickle your goosebumped skin

Face to face, wondering what the pressing of our lips would feel like

It's this very wonder that should permeate our relationship

Trust and connection is all one can ask for

Swipe left on a vision of simple indecision

I embrace your human foibles, poking fun

and maybe showing you how it's done

No bitterness involved

No mind-games necessary

You show me the ropes and I ski the slopes

A connection so profound, I feel your ups and downs on a cellular level

We are one

No wait, I'm not done

Despite the human condition, there's a special rendition that's brought to fruition when our eyes meet, something otherworldly, something divine

I appreciate what you do

I care for you

That’s because I love you


This poem is about: 
Our world


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