What Do You Want To Be?

What do I want to do in life? A question everyone ask me and I have no answer to.

Do you want to be a teacher, an athlete or a doctor? They all say hurry up and choose, what do you want? But I don’t know.

Still to this day I have nothing to say. I know my parents want me to have a good life. A life better than theirs but it’s not easy to spin round and round and point with your finger without getting dizzy or falling and choosing the life your finger is touching.

It takes time. It takes imagination. It takes effort. I’m still young. Do I have to choose now?

What do you want? No stop talking. Stop asking the same thing over and over. Your making me feel trapped. Don’t rush me to talk. I will just stay silent.

What are your dreams? Always follow them. Don’t worry you’ll get there.

I did. I tried to follow my dream. To know what life I wanted. Marriage? Kids? Money? A house? Yes I want it all I mean who doesn’t? To live for me and only me.

Come on stop stalling. Talk talks talk. What do you want to be?

I don’t know. I’m so confused. Always pushing me to do this to do that. To a point that I’m screaming, drowning, crying wanting to be what you want. So you will be proud of me, so I feel good enough, so I feel pretty enough to keep the darkness away so you stop asking me

What do you want to be?


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