What Do You See?


United States
25° 53' 23.0676" N, 80° 12' 25.3188" W

When you look at me, what do you see.
You see the blackness of my skin.
You see the brown in my eyes.
The nappinest of my hair.
Should I speak slang to you,
or wear my pants hang low so you can see my boxer?
Should I appear ignorant so I can fit your stereotype?
But the fact is I am not like your stereotype.
I may be black but I am not like other black man.
I may have brown eyes like other people,
but I see the world from a different perspective.
I am my own man.
I do what I have to do to survive.
I will not be classified based upon my skin color but rather on who I am.
I am a strong black man.
I am a human being.
I am Emmanuel Durosier.


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