What do you gain?

Mother earth what have we done?

Our laziness and neglect has over run

The home you provided for us

Just now becoming the topic to discuss


Filling your lungs with our smoke

Littering like some sick joke

Stealing your trees like its no big deal

Not recognizing the beauty we steal


Yet we take for personal wealth

In happiness and health

You give and you give

Just to see us live


Let me ask you, Mother Earth, what do you gain?

When your lakes and rivers we drain

We drill your skin for your gems

Where your raw power stems


We suck your black blood

Expecting it to come like a flood

Soon you'll run dry

I can already hear them ask why


While we yet have time on this earth

But generations will find death

In everything you once had

I expect living here will be sad


Mother Earth my heart goes out to you

And I know many of us will rue

The day we took your for our advantage

And giving back we could never seem to manage


There I will give back what I can

And I will help others with a plan

On doing the same

Because all of us are to blame


I know I am small, Just one human being. But maybe I can change their thinking

If we come together as one

We can change things under this Sun


Mother Earth what will we do

To make this all up to you

To make you see that we are good

And fix this damage as we should


We will clean up your ocean

And set into motion

A habitat for your animals

Without chemicals


Without plastic around their throats

From our trash that floats

Well ride our bikes And go on strikes


We will stand tall together

Stronger than ever

To fight for rehabilitation

After our harsh debilitation


Mother Earth rest for a while

Let us carry you and help you smile

Mother Earth its ok to be weak

Just hear me out the words that I speak


I will take the first step

And use my voice to prep
The people of your sorrow

And warn them about tomorrow


That if we don't make a move

And start to improve

We will have to assume

That we have created our own doom.







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