What to do what say when your not your resume

What to do what to say when your not your resume  goals achieved tasks met lost my soul lost it in a bet it was a wager made early on as a child from dusk til dawn. Education and degrees all the way up to my knees.  But i kept saying this aint me just listen please please. They told me once they told me twice just do what we say  and your life will be nice I tried and tried not once not twice.  Yet nothing I ever did would quite suffice .man I was so lost I was banging Heidi fleisss.  That didn't work left me full of shame and looking for someone to blame .you see I was sold a vision of money and safety yet I stand before you spiritually broke and with a chafed knee. Yet today I hope today I prey that I will have time to create a brand knew resume.
 it will gleen and it will shine as I scream to the world this life i live this life is mine. A life of excitement passion and joy. I'll make him happy this little boy.  Oh captain my captain full steam,ahead because I ain't stopping untill I'm 6 feet under and dead......... 
 To much perspiration seeking some external inspiration.  You see there was a day a day in may I sought out advice from anybody anyone who could entice me to reach deep down inside and remove that lid it was on so tight stopping my soul from taking a spiritual flight. So I sat down on her comfy chair  looked up first thing I noticed was her long flowing hair  Damm I thought thus lady is smoken seconds later she was telling me I was broken. I see in you two branches she said one is alive and one is dead if you want to live and eliminate the dread the dread that lives inside your head you must accept this and put one branch to bed  now that side of you that longs to get out you must feed it some water give it the mic and let it shout. Look deep within your soul trust your heart for it always knew what to do from the very start   . So if you are wandering what to do what to say when your not your resume well you must rise up look out to the world and declare all that i am is more than okay I don't care what you say because from now on I will live and I will love to seize the day!!!!

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