What Do I Want?

"What do I want most?"
If asked myself this question so many times
Yet the answer is always the same
I want love

Real, true, and deep love with the right person
I know that is the same wish for many people
Others wish for bug fancy houses or cars but not me
All I humbly ask for is love

I wish for the kind of love you hear about in fairytales
It seems so rare in the real world
But when it's real it's full of beauty and wonder
One that's indescribable and will last a lifetime

I don't want a love that lasts a month
I don't want to be someone's second choice
I want someone to accept me for who I am
Love me through the good and the bad

Someone who will live me despite my imperfections
Who will understand me on a deeper level than anyone else can
A love shared with someone I want to spend the rest of my life with
No matter how long that might be or what happens

Someone who will wipe the tears off my face
Instead of being the reason as to why they are falling
I may be a bit young to want this
But I think everyone wants love because it's the closest thing we have to magic

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