What Do I See?


What do I see when I remove this mask.?

This mask that i have been creating for so long.

What do you see when you look into my eyes?

Do you see the smile I wear, as fake as it may be.

Do you see the saddness under my skin, or the anxiety in my stature?

Do you see my light? Radiatring love from my heart to yours.

Can you see the phony on my face or my cynical nature. The insecurity in my voice?

Can you feel me?  Powerful, anxious, and ready for all that life has in store for us.

When I take of this mask and look into my own eyes..

I see..

i see the endless possibility.

I see time moving with me simultaneously.

I see endless compassion and a nurturing heart.

I see restlessness and confusion: scattered thoughts and time lost.

Now, look outward.

Be with the trees. Observe the patterns all around.  The landscapes, the colors constantly shapeshifting into another one of lifes miracles. 

Feel the spirits all around and just breathe your purest and truest essence.

Be one with this magnificient time in spaece.

Here and Now.


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