Betrayed what was sacred
a long time ago...
she hurt her baby
and it troubled her now.
In the quiet before morning
from her jail bed,
she cried...
what did I do?
what did I do?

Little baby born
to innocence
but momma and daddy
had problems themselves,
lost everything
to drinking and meth..
what did they do?
what did they do?

Uncontrolled anger
rages and fits
cussing and loving
hitting the kids
little baby swinging
in a motorized chair
daddy smacks momma
while pulling her hair...
what did they do?
what did they do

Another baby born,
another mouth to feed
no amount of yelling
to get what they need...
Momma ties off
with one of daddy's tees
nodding at the table
while the kids wanna eat
what did they do!
what did they do!

He questioned his worth
before he could crawl
so baby escaped
in a world all his own...
Police come knocking
same old tale,
another disturbance
take em away...!

but the kids start
an audible wail
please don't take mommy
an' daddy to jail...!
what did they do?
what did they do?

There were dirty diapers
on the kitchen floor
ashes and dishes,
she couldn't take it no more
thought her baby's were sleeping
when she left to score..
What did she do?
What did she do?

A book of matches,
she swore she didn't didn't know,
one night last summer
and a fate-full call...
The neighbors saw fire
when they reached the door..
Smoke inhalation
had taken them all
taken them all.
taken them all....
what did they do!!!! What did they do?

what did I do?
what did we do?
what did you do? What did they do!!!!!!!


This poem is about: 
Our world


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