What day is it?

Pause, listen to the beat. Its moving faster than the sounds of "soli rapide". On the inside, a vary of rainbowed coloured butterflies tickle the bottom of my belly....He said my name. Ofcourse my name is simple. It's so easy to remember. Two syllables already finishing the first part of his haiku. But there it was. My name at the tip of his breath. My temporary backbone reminds my lungs to take in air because just for those golden seconds nothing else mattered but him saying those two syllables. In those moments my future of flying under his wing flashed before my eyes and I felt absolute euphoria. Please say my name again. No it doesnt matter what day it is therefore that question is irrelevant I wont answer it. What did you say before you asked it. My name. Just say my name again. Dont let any other sounds come out of your mouth, because none of them sound as sweet as that first one. One last time, just to hold me over until I can find another one to give me this high that could only be acheived by spreading my life thin only on a chance that you might like me the way I like you...so please just say my name...just one last time. You dont call me the name that you hear me being called in the halls. You call me the one that was divinely given to me through the mircales I call parents. You are different you dont shrink away from me at a touch, you dont spit on me for a hello, you dont beat me for being me. You just smile and say my name. That's more than what anyone else in my existence has done for me. Maybe it wont be the last. There might be hope...


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