What Could You Expect


Classrooms full of idiots,
Parents teach their children to misbehave.
Expected to be respected,
but vocabulary isn't maintained.
Students walk into the classrooms
pants sagging to the floor, 
headphones blasting music,
so loud you cant't ignore.
Yelling at the teacher,
cussing up a storm,
im a loser in their eyes,
'cause that sh*t don't happen any more.

It's sad when the student,
has takes roll as the teacher,
and make respect obvious, 
to idiotic teenage creatures.
they might think that im wrong,
i dont care what they say,
you think you're all tough,
to someone who cant say.

Teachers get disrespected,
every single day,
a student comes along,
and messes up their day.
Why has respect been lost in the classroom?
Why has my generation turned out this way?
Why cant teachers establish respect,
And enforce it every day?

They would be less idiotic,
they would learn more that way.
Until teachers can teach fundementals,
the education system will fail us constanly.



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