What could I possibly change?


Well first thing is first

I would like to say,

as much as nobody wants to admit it,

we are all here for the same reason 

and that is for the pay.

Even Shakespeare would do this,

if it meant wealth.

Well at least if he was not dead,

and with complex mental and emotional health.

I mean give the guy a break,

he did die on his birthday. 

You might also grow old and die,

if I continue to wander around with this poem this way. 

But anyway back to my topic.

if I were to write a list of things I want to change in this massive ball we call our earth, 

the font my freind would have to be microscopic. 

Past all the povery, famine, hunger, and economic failures, 

I would most importantly change MYSELF.

The most important combination of bones, organs,and blood.

So much for the bones, i cant even reach the top shelf.

It is not exactly changing my apperance,

but my overall personality towards the rest of humankind.

The only thing that shows signs of absense. 

I am definetly not saying I am perfect, 

because we all know that does not work for anybody.

Unless it is Beyonce, then I would reject. 

I learned today that my attitudes, vacant stares, tired sighs, rolling eyes


I am basically just giving myself very momentous advise. 

I learned by today, 

that being unciviled and ill-mannered does not get you anywhere in life.

Because if you offer them the dagger. 

they will most definetly give you the knife. 

What goes around comes around is what they say.

Even if it might not always be true,

it is a large price to pay. 

So why even risk it,

if you already knew.




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