what could have been

Dear What Could've Been, 

hey. this is kind of weird. i know you

but you dont know me

i think about you a lot actually 

i wallow in the idea of you 

i savor each moment 


thatll never happen 


i know it sounds creepy but i feel like we were really close at one point 

one of those odd feelings you get 

like i was sitting by you on a cold park bench 

and then you just got up and danced away 


i know you dont know who i am 

and since we'll never meet i guess it doesnt matter 


i know you though 

each morning conversation each walk on the beach 

each late night phone call each kiss 

each child each growing old 

each memory each embrace 


but you dont know me 

you know her though 

you know her because she is you 


you know her 

shes got the long brown hair and the big smile 

she is beautiful and she is kind 

she loves her dog and she loves him 


you know her 


but you dont know me 

and you never will 


well it was nice to talk to you 


what could have been 




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