What Could have been?

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 01:56 -- BNOUN01


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In a country so poor,
where they have nothing more
then what they have now.
You wonder how it
could happen to them
with one single snap;
Mother Nature came in.
With one little shake;
Lots of people came to an end.
Friends calling out to people
they will never see again.
Families Lost.
A battle well fought.

With one little shake
an earthquake did this.
Houses,buildings where people live in;
all crumpled down on top of them.
Kids suffering under the concrete floor
they have nothing anymore.
No family or friends.
Just the sad memory of
What could have been.

One little girl
so young, so brave
found in a hole after two days;
she had no way to escape.
She was in so much pain,
but wouldn't say a thing.
One of her legs stuck under
some rocks.
Oh, the shock on the men's faces, when
they saw her still alive.
They did all they could to get her out.
Every move they made
she gave out a shout.
She yelled so hard.
The pain it was to see the
bruises on the little girl's body.

She was covered in dust;
from head to toe,
her little reading glasses on the
tip of her nose.
The rocks underneath her
shallow her leg whole.
The cuts on her shoulders...
The look in her eyes,
the wetness on her cheeks
but she still stayed strong.
Hoping nothing would go wrong.

They got her out.
But it was too late.
In that hour of that day;
the little girl past away,
right there she lied
were she said her last words:
"Mamma, please don't let me die!"

In a country left all alone
hurt, sad, homeless
the dead gone forever,
no sound to hope for.
The only thing they have now
is the Lord above all;
but still I wonder how this
could happen to me!
What did this country do
to make it so unclean?
People living on the street,
kids alone to face the world.
No hope was given.
But still I wonder,
What Haiti could have been...



I was inspired to write this after I heard what happen to my family in Haiti. I was afraid for my family and when I saw pictures of what the earthquake did I...I can't express what I felt...I just had to write what I felt...How you like. Comment if you can.Thanks. :)


This is for the people that died in Haiti,my family and friends. A special acknowledgement goes out to "the little girl" that had to die. You inspired me. Rest In Peace...

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