What Can I Do?

As a Black Man

I was told that I am created equal

After my first diploma,

College was the obvious sequel

However, I sit here questioning where I head

Struggling to come up with a valid reason

As to why I could get shot dead

For no crimes, no justifications

To hell this world is led

By the nonsense media that we’re fed

I fantasize about changing the world

But, What Can I Do?

Live my life, Mentor or Financially Contribute?

Will there ever be a time when the content of my character

Overrides my physical attributes?

Whether it be for jobs, relationships, or other pursuits

What do we tell our sons and daughters?

That if they test the oppressive waters of society

They will undoubtedly drown in the vicious ocean

That we call the “justice” system

In a world where people claim to not see color

Or don’t even acknowledge the ever-present racism

What Can I Do?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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