What Bully's Do

Why do you think you're important to me?

Your pretty worthless,

That's how it will always be.

You get on my nerves,

And sometimes i want to punch you in the face, but

Its always at the wrong time, and at the wrong place.

You're annoying and stupid,

And you have no common sense.

When you talk to me,

It's hard to talk to you,

Because all i can think about is how you have smelly breath.

Your hair is disgusting,

Because it's always so greasy,

When you're walking around you always look so cheesy.

With your make-up looking fake,

And your heels about to break,

I can't believe you look so sleazy!

That takes time,

Take it from someone whose tried.

It takes hours to perfect,

And it seems you've passed the test,

Congratulations, you stupid witch!


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