What is "Being in Love"?


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I don't know what being in love is like,
But some say it's easier than riding a bike.
I have a few ideas of what it could be,
And I hope one day it could happen to me.
Some people say true love is blind,
And extremely difficult to find.

Love is when there is a sparkle in your eye,
A smile on your face that you cannot deny,
The butterflies in your stomach that flutter around,
When you realize your sweetheart is finally found.
Then you know deep down you'll stay together forever,
And your love is so strong, you'll never have to endeavor.

Love is universal, no matter where you are,
It will always find you whether you're near or far.

You feel like you two are the only people in the world,
And your old life has been turned upside down and twirled.
Sometimes you have your very own song,
And everyone knows you're the couple that exquisitely belongs.
Your new life is so full of bliss,
And it gets even better after every enchanted kiss.

Being in love should be a magical feeling,
A feeling so unpredictable and filled with meaning.
When you are in love there is a joy in your heart,
And when you love that person, you can never be apart.
Love is beautiful and strong.
And when it is right, then nothing can go wrong.

Love is universal, no matter where you are,
It will always find you, whether you're near or far.

I know true love is difficult to find,
And all of these things are only in my mind,
But I know one day there will be a connection,
A relationship that is pure perfection.
One day I will find my true love,
And when that day happens, there will be more to write of.


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